1. Get your hands on some Merlot

Drink it at home. Drink it out at a restaurant. Attend a #MerlotMe tasting. Just get some Merlot in your glass! There are plenty of new wines to discover.


2. Share your tastes

Find a wine you like? Share your tastes on any social media site making sure to include the #MerlotMe hashtag. 


3. Chat with fellow merlot lovers online.

The best part about #MerlotMe is finding something new to try, or find others who love the same Merlot as you. Follow the hashtag and chat with others who are sharing their #MerlotMe moments as well.

Six-Word Love Stories

If you love Merlot like we love Merlot, you want to tell the world why this noble varietal goes into some of the greatest bottles of the world's greatest wines. Here's your chance!

Use your phone to take a selfie video waxing poetic about your love for Merlot. But don't wax too much, we're just looking for six words. Share it to Facebook. Share it to Instagram or Twitter. Share it to Snapchat. Wherever you share it, make sure to add the #SixWordLoveStory tag to the post.


p.s. we may just feature you on this site!

We'll be taking some of the best six-word love stories and sharing them here:

peju winemaker, sara fowler

Sara Fowler, from Napa Valley's PEJU winery share's her six word love story about Merlot.


duckhorn six word melrot love story

Duckhorn's Director of Estate Viticulture, PJ Alviso knows a thing or two about Merlot.

Paraduxx winemaker #sixwordlovestory

Napa Valley's Paraduxx Vineyards winemaker Don LaBorde took a few minutes out of harvest to share his love for Merlot.